Level Three Records Room Posting Interface

This web page will automatically create a part 0 for your story, split your story up into 400-line sections, post it to Level Three, and archive it here on the Level Three Records Room archive web site. For further instructions, please see the archive FAQ.



It looks like your browser can't handle file uploads. To double-check, look below and see whether there's a Browse... button in the File to upload field. If it's there, great, you can do uploads. If not, that means that you can't use this to archive your story or to post it to Level Three.

However, you can still use the posting interface to post the template (the part 0) to the list. Then you'll just have to post your story to the list yourself. The archivists will use the template to archive your story if you would like it archived, it will just take a little longer.

Alternatively, you can download either Netscape version 2.0 or above or Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 or above, or have a friend with one of those browsers post the story for you.

E-mail the story ONLY to you:
Please use this option before posting or archiving, so you can see how it will look first. Thank you.
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Post text file to mailing list
This will also e-mail a copy to your e-mail address.
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Post template (part 0)
Select this option if you only want to use the interface to post a template and part zero post to a mailing list. You will then need to send the file to the list yourself.
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Archive the story Yes No
Status of story
Number of Parts
If only posting a template, enter the number of parts. Otherwise, leave blank.
File to archive
Please browse to the file you wish to upload. Note that you MUST upload a file if you are posting or archiving.
Author name or pseudonym
Email Address of Author
Note that to post, this address must be subscribed to the mailing list.
Select all categories that apply.
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If you have problems using this form, please contact the archivist at admin@smallvillefanfic.com.

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