Nifra Idril

Email: neonnights@illuminatedtextcom

Bio: Nifra Idril can run long distances without stopping, but only when in the Atlanta airport.

Stories by Nifra Idril at the Level Three Records Room:

Set You Free

What You Are Like In the Rain

Breathless and True

Will to Bend

I Shall Not Want

Loose Me From Hard Cares

A Pale Distance

Still Life

Like Lemon Meringue

These Tilted Streets

Of Epistles and Epiphanies

Arise, You Sleeper (I Am Your Dream)


To Never Speak Above A Whisper

Moonlight Ladies

No Quarter

No One Lives In This Room

The Mercy of His Means

As You Are

The More Things Change

Leave No Scar


Onan Honeymoon/Deny This Thrice

On a Sunday Afternoon




Bereft of Utterance

A Formal Feeling Comes

Double Blind

In the Between

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