Top Stories This Month At The Level Three Records Room

Erika, Lost Boy

LastScorpion, Rich Man's Darling

Jett, The Pleasure Principle (Rentboy!Clark - Beginnings)

awehla , Consequence

paperbkryter, One True Thing

Alax, Closing Wounds

paperbkryter, The Mating Dance

Te, I Was A Kryptonian's Sex Slave

Aklani, Cinnamon Sugar

Bexless, Super Bullet Sneeze

Alexa Jones, Just Friends Huh

RivkaT, Rainbow Sign

EscapeToCity, Double Ascension

nepthys, Exodus

Andariel, Present Tension

CatEyes, The Big Fight

RivkaT, Skin Deep

LaCasta, Ransom

Alax, Faultline

Pearl-o, Skin Your Knee

Justine, Sanguinarium

Aklani, Twist

victoria p., A Little on the Side

Hope, A Little Journey

Punk, Freshman Orientation

paperbkryter, There's a First Time for Everything

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