Top Stories This Month At The Level Three Records Room

loko, shell

paperbkryter, Encounter

aforgottenwish, Antipathy: The Mistake

aforgottenwish, Antipathy: The Consequences

nepthys, Believe

DebC, Best Kept Secrets

Savage Midnight, Of Lies, Lust and Lost Identities

Crossbow, Mad Lex: Beyond Woobiedome

LaCasta, By my fault, Conclusion (probably)

Caro, Apologies & Promises

Dana, Gotham Underground

Sarah T., Night Call, Collect

MitchPell, A Luthor Christmas

EV, Summer Friends #4 - Lana meets the Ross Family

EV, Summer Friends #1 - Telling the Kents

zahra, Fallible Theory

LaCasta, A mother's guidance

a campbell, Calling It Quits

Amanda, The Small Assassin

Annie, Rush

Athena, Ice Fortress Ending One

Debra Fran Baker, Taste is the Only Morality

Basingstoke, Kitsunegari

rebecca, Sunrise

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