Top Stories This Month At The Level Three Records Room

awehla, Jor-El

aforgottenwish, Antipathy: The Mistake

aforgottenwish, Antipathy: The Consequences

slodwick, The Hour When I Was Brave

DarkDefender85, Red K Day

paperbkryter, One True Thing

Jett, The Pleasure Principle (Rentboy!Clark - Beginnings)

Jayne Leitch, A Sound of Thunder

ingrid, A Bend in The Fence

zahra, The Good Will Out

loko, shell

Laura Shapiro, Maternal Instincts

paperbkryter, Two Small Boys

paperbkryter, The Mating Dance

LastScorpion, Wine, a Constant Proof

ingrid, Raze Out Troubles Written

Wileykit, Early Morning

ingrid, Castling

MitchPell, A Luthor Christmas

slodwick, Strength

Caro, Five Lies Your Mother Never Told You

Athena, Snowball

Sarah T., Neighborly

Punk, Interstitial

Hope, Precipice

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