Top Stories This Month At The Level Three Records Room

paperbkryter, The Mating Dance

Jett, The Pleasure Principle (Rentboy!Clark - Beginnings)

awehla , Consequence

nepthys, Exodus

nepthys, Believe

loko, shell

Pearl-o, Five Imaginary Incidents from the Lives of Unimportant People

Bexless, Super Bullet Sneeze

paperbkryter, One True Thing

aforgottenwish, Antipathy: The Mistake

aforgottenwish, Antipathy: The Consequences

Erika, Lost Boy

Andariel, Present Tension

mobiusklein, Archenemies: A Love Story

Mistress Ace, Card One: The Fool

HumbugGirl, Know Thy Self

Sarah T., Neighborly

ChloeThrace, Zod

Te, I Was A Kryptonian's Sex Slave

ingrid, Castling

ingrid, Raze Out Troubles Written

HumbugGirl, Forty Dollar Tip

Molly, One For The Road

s.a., Modifications

slodwick, Strength

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