A Kiss Under the Mistletoe Just Happens

by jessica

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Notes: for jenn, who asked for mistletoe.

Feedback: is all I want for Christmas.

Summary: You always get one at Christmas.

A kiss under the mistletoe just happens. It doesn't even have to mean anything; it just exists. This is something that happens during the holidays. Lips on one's cheek and a soft blush to follow. Two shy pairs of lips meeting in the middle, then parting again. Dipping one back and kissing for the audience. Just a kiss; actors don't use tongue.

When two people meet under the mistletoe, it's just a kiss. When two lovers meet, they make it count.

Lex is standing in the doorway, mug in hand. Clark likes hot chocolate on Christmas morning, but Lex still needs his coffee. It's too early to put anything else in it, so Clark gave him a shot of whipped cream and called it festive. He's sipping carefully, trying not to get whipped cream on his nose, and watches Nicholas wriggling on the floor in front of the tree.

Clark sits behind him on the couch, enjoying the torture with a grin. Nicholas woke them some time after five. They had tried to send him back to bed, but he returned every five minutes, then at six with the announcement that he had woke Grandma and Grandpa and it was time to open presents. Clark still made him wait.

"Let him open something, Clark," Jonathan says as he and Martha come downstairs. "Before the kid explodes and we have to spend Christmas cleaning up the mess."

Nicky looks back with pleading eyes. Clark nods and he dives under the tree. Jonathan's laugh booms above them all as he joins his grandson on the floor before Nicky rips everything open. Lex is still distracted, listening to Nicky's squeals of delight, when Martha reaches up to kiss his cheek.

"Mistletoe," she says, simply, and brushes past into the kitchen.

It's hanging above him, green plastic, fake red berries. Clark's been moving it from door to door all week. Each day, a new place to kiss.

Yesterday, Clark had caught him on his way out of the bathroom, Lex wrapping a towel around his waist. Jonathan and Martha had taken Nicky tobogganing to let Clark and Lex get some last minute shopping and wrapping done.

Instead, Clark had ripped the towel off, the mistletoe from the ceiling, and they had spent the morning in bed. Lex rambled about magical powers and Oklahoma's state flower as Clark pulled away from the kiss and moved his mouth down Lex's body, still wet from the shower. Clark held the mistletoe over all the places he wanted to kiss. Then Lex flipped them over and kissed twice all those same places on Clark.

"You found it." Clark is standing in front of him, amusement in his voice. He reaches a finger into the mug, then up to Lex's mouth, letting him suck the whipped cream off.

"I was looking for a new reason to kiss you."

Fifteen years of kisses, Lex thinks they may have done them all. The really deep ones, the really long ones, the really wet ones. Sometimes their lips don't even touch and Lex still feels like he's been kissed. Clark kisses with a bite of Lex's lower lip, then pushes his tongue inside, tasting. Clark always makes his kisses count.

But they don't always last.

"Daddy, Papa, you're missing Christmas."

Nicky stands in front of the tree, amidst a pile of coloured paper. Books and toys lay, already forgotten, on the floor. He's wearing the sweater Martha knit - blue with a big red N on his chest. His hair is poking out in every direction, and he looks sleepy, despite the excitement in his eyes.

"We're missing Christmas, Clark." Lex grins, taking Clark's hand and leading him towards their son.

They sit on the couch, close, so they can both unwrap the box Nicky puts in Clark's lap. He stands in front of them, waiting. Martha did the wrapping, with perfect corners and not too much tape. But it has Nicky's personality in the seven multicoloured bows stuck to the top and three of the four sides. Lex can't help but laugh, picks Nicky up into his lap when Clark shoots him a look.

"I love it, Nicholas." Lex kisses his cheek, then the top of his head and they wait for Clark to open the present. He removes each bow carefully, choosing the red one to stick to Nicky's nose.

"Daddy's slow."

Clark tries to be normal around the house. Lex thinks that sometimes he forgets the things he can do. Like his kisses, when Clark uses his powers, it has to be something great.

"He is, isn't he? Where's Superman when we need him?" Nicky giggles, and Clark's eyes narrow.

"You'd better hang on to that mistletoe, Lex," Clark says, sarcasm biting through. "If you ever want to be kissed again."

"We don't need the mistletoe," Lex tells him.

They kiss. Only a moment, but it counts.


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