The Fortunate Son

by DaMoyre

Thanks to Avarice for beta-reading.

The revelation had left him cold. Not only had his father been unfaithful to his mother, but he'd also sired an illegitimate child, another boy, another heir. Someone who was perhaps better than him, more intelligent, stronger, the son he could never be; someone who could fulfill Lionel's desires for a perfect son.

Someone who could be Clark Kent.

His Clark.

Yes, he considered him his Clark, his friend. He had never had one of those, not until Clark came along. He was the only one. He was the only one who could understand him, the only one he could trust.

And the Kent's, they were the closest he would ever get to having a family, a dysfunctional one at that, because despite his best efforts, Jonathan would never accept him. Jonathan didn't like him, and only tolerated him because of Clark. Martha was a more sympathetic character in his life. Perhaps it was due to her maternal instincts, that she was always willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, intervening for him, pleading with her husband; Clark was a distant cousin, a close friend...

But a brother?


Was it possible? Could there really be a chance that Clark Kent was the lost son Rachel had come to seek? Of all people in Smallville, why him? Was the blood they shared the secret behind their comfort with each other, the true meaning of their friendship?

Lucas Luthor, a child who had been born while his mother was ill, bed-ridden, and fragile. The personification of his father's betrayal.

There was only one sure way to discern his doubts. He would help Rachel find out if Clark was, indeed, her son. Moving a few strings and tossing out some money would facilitate the process. He did not see why the Kent's would refuse a request for DNA testing, but if they did, he would come up with a backup plan. There was nothing in this world his money couldn't buy.

Except for his mother's life, the love of his father, his hair...

The Luthor name guaranteed that people would obey him, fear him, hate him. He knew how to use it well. He also knew how to use his wealth. And now, he would be able to share the burden with another.

Lionel's second son. The other heir.

Lex reclined back in his chair and sighed. He covered his face with both hands, slowly massaging the bridge of his nose. It didn't bother him having to share his father's fortune. He had sufficient funds in any single bank account to support a family of ten for a lifetime. And he had always wanted a brother, someone he could call family. But Clark... why Clark?

He cared for Clark. But could he learn to love the son of his father's illicit affair?

Clark, Clark, Clark.

Just another cruel twist of fate.

He'd already lost so much, and now he would lose his only friend. Lionel had denied him everything, and he would take Clark from him too.

If the DNA results were positive, if Clark was infected with the Luthor blood...

Lex leaned forward and gripped the edge of his desk. He picked up the phone and dialed, and the ring lasted for what seemed to be ages.

"David, this is Lex Luthor," he said, when he finally got an answer. "I need to have DNA testing done on...a friend..."


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