Roughing It

by DebC

Author's Notes: This fic was written using words from the Challenge in a Can at The words were: Bruce/Rough/Sleeping bag (yes, that means Bruce Wayne is in it)

"Roughing It"

The air was strange to Lex, soft and heavy with a slightly dewy smell that tickled at his nostrils. There was also an underlying smell of damp dirt and wet grass--all things that were amplified by the darkness lurking outside the tent.

The whole situation was strange to Lex, who was more used to penthouses and mansions than flimsy poly/vinyl makeshift shelters held together by bungee cords and thin poles. He almost did not feel safe... but then, that was partially why he was here: because it was different and thrilling in a pseudo-dangerous way.

Bruce would never place him in real danger, though--would never harm him in any way that Lex did not allow. That, too, was part of the thrill: being able to suspend his beliefs and milk all the excitement from each new scenario they constructed for one another.

Lex shifted, which wasn't easy with a strong, muscular arm draped across his midsection, and looked down, enjoying the sight of the slumbering man in his arms. It was just a catnap--Lex knew from experience that his companion was a light sleeper--a lull in the nighttime activities that were just getting started. He reached out, stroking the thick, dark hair of his lover's head. His fingers sank into the depths of dew-formed curls with each caress.

"You're petting me," a voice whispered, low and intimate, and Lex found himself looking down into dark eyes that seemed to shine with their own special, inner light. The returning gaze was intense, shiver-producing.

"Don't stop," Bruce Wayne all but growled. He nuzzled against Lex's chest, a cheek rough with something that was no longer five o'clock shadow but not quite a beard scraping across a hardened nipple. That sensation, combined with the silky softness of hair feathering across smooth, bare skin, was too much sweetness and pain and Lex moaned in response to it. His lover laughed, a low, throaty chuckle and repeated the process--this time running his stubble-clad chin along the plains of Lex's chest.

Lex breathed in, his eyes screwed shut as he waited in anticipation. He never could quite guess what was going to come next.

Moist lips and a wet tongue descended upon his skin--licking and biting softly as they tasted his flesh. His lover's muffled moans mingled with his own and the loud beating of his heart as it thudded in his ears, drowning out the sounds of nature he'd been analyzing only moments before.

The kisses moved lower, pausing only when the other man's tongue dipped into his navel, circling in slow, sensual motions before traveling lower still, finding his hips and...

Oh, God! Lex groaned, arching into the touch, wanting the full experience. Needing it desperately, but unwilling to beg for it. "Bruce," he rasped in the wake of another moan, his body straining for more contact.

Firm hands grasped his hips, pressing him into the thin layer of thermal material that separated their naked bodies from the ground. Instinct kicking in, Lex tried to move, but found himself effectively pinned. "Don't move, Lex," he was told. "I can't concentrate when you're squirming." The words were breathed against his skin, warmth washing over him.

Lex chuckled, but stopped when Bruce also stopped--frozen and listening. Then Lex heard what had made his lover pause, the sound of steady foot falls on the nearby stone path. Both men tensed and focused their combined gazed upon the tent's only entrance. A shadow fell across it, and then the sound of a voice being cleared with a polite cough met their ears.

"What is it, Alfred?" Bruce asked instantly, and Lex breathed out in relief.

"I am sorry, Master Bruce... Master Lex," the butler apologized. "The office in Florence called, sir. It's very urgent."

"It always is," replied Bruce, frustration evident in his voice. "I'll be right in." He slid from the sleeping bag, reaching for his clothing as quickly as he could. He unzipped the door of the tent and then paused, turning back to Lex. "You'll be here when I get back?"

Lex laughed, as if the thought of him leaving the warmth of the sleeping bag for the cool night air was amusing. "I will," he told his lover. "Unless, of course, I get cold and decide to warm myself by the fireplace instead."

The other man shook his head, grinning in the darkness. "Stay here. I can find a better way to keep you warm when I get back," he promised before slipping off into the darkness and down the path towards the brightly lit Manor.

As tempting as the warmth and familiarity of Wayne Manor might be, Lex thought he could possible convince himself to stay there. This was proving better than he'd originally thought, but then, Bruce's ideas usually did.

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