Six Meetings

by kHo

Fandom: Smallville
Title: Six Meetings
Rated: Hard R, maybe NC-17 even
Characters: Jason, Lex, Lionel, Genevieve Warnings: Implied incest, cause let's face it... that's canon. Notes: This is for bitchygrrl because this is what she suggested.

///bitchygrrl: Oh and nobody writes Lex/Jason, but it seemed in the beginning that Lex knew who Jason was or at least knew of him already. Would like to see fic where they know each other before Smallville.///

[ six meetings ]
by kHo

The first time Jason met Lex, his mother was fucking Lex's father two rooms over. They'd been sitting at the dining room table and every time his mother screamed he had felt his stomach roll.

Lex had had a smile on his face and every time Jason felt himself blanche he could see Lex's smile grow wider. He'd stared down at the table and mumbled something about sound-proof walls.

"Well that wouldn't be any fun," Lex had said, drumming his fingers on the table. "Then we'd never know when she came."

Jason looks up, his eyes wide. "God! That's my mother in there!"

Lex had just grinned and Jason noticed how dilated his pupils were. "And my father. Trust me. The nightmares are easier to deal with when they're less horrifying than the actuality."

Jason closed his eyes and bit his tongue, not mentioning that he didn't need to eavesdrop to know what his mother sounded like when she came.

He was sixteen, and he didn't need to close his eyes to see her face when she came either.


The second time Jason met Lex he had just turned seventeen and his mother was having a `business meeting' with Lionel. They'd been drinking wine and laughing, and every once in a while Jason heard his mother whispering and Lionel's gently chastising 'Genevieve, your son's in the very same room as us.'

He'd been sitting in front of the fire for the past hour, stirring the poker around and thinking about how pretty Lionel's face would be if he couldn't wear that smirk anymore.

Lex had strode in at a quarter past ten, obviously drunk, and laughing to himself. Lionel's scowl had brought a smirk to Jason's face and Genevieve had kissed Lex hello on the cheek. Lex had laughed in her face and lifted a hand to her ass, squeezing it.

"Like father like son, Mrs. Teague," he'd purred, stepping backwards before plopping onto the couch beside Jason. "Jensen, right?"

Jason eyed him, his smirk still in place. "Almost the right letters, but not quite."

Lex had rolled his eyes and slouched on the couch, crooking his arm over the back of the couch and propping his head in his hand. "So have they started fucking yet?"

Jason's smirk had fallen once again into an angry scowl. "Verbally."

Lex had laughed and put a hand on Jason's leg. "You ever wonder why she brings you along on her conquests?"

Jason didn't say he doesn't have to wonder, that he already knows exactly what his mother gets out of making him listen to her be touched by other men.

As he'd looked at Lex he could tell that he knew too.


The third time Jason met Lex it's at a business function for Luthorcorp and Lex was drunk off of a lot more than champagne. For that matter, so was he, so when Lex threw an arm around him he laughed instead of punching him.

"They're in the coat closet."

Jason had wiped the sweat from his brow and glowered towards the direction of the coat closet. "Of all the places to fuck."

"They're not fucking," Lex had said, laughing, his face close enough for Jason to see his drugs dancing in his eyes. "She's sucking him, and he's ruining a five thousand dollar Armani suit."

"And you're high," Jason had said, hatred in his voice.

Lex had nodded, reaching in his pocket. "Ecstasy does wonders, Jason. Makes you actually feel like you're happy, which is really something when you've never felt it before."

Lex's hand had delved into his hip pocket, and Jason gasped as his fingers brushed over his cock. By the time he'd opened his eyes Lex was gone again.

There was a tab of ecstasy waiting in his pocket the next morning when he started to bring his suit to the cleaners.

He took it late one night when his mother was in Milan, the day before he was to graduate from high school.

It was the first time he didn't cry when she hung up on his 'I love you.'


The fourth time Jason met Lex, he had come home on Spring break from MetU to a housekeeper that said his mother wasn't to be disturbed. He hadn't had to ask if she was entertaining a guest, he could hear her all the way in the den. The foyer always had echoed well.

He turns on the television and finds Jerry Springer, loud angry white guys in shirts that don't fit, threatening each other and cursing. He'd turned it up as loud as he could and hoped it made whoever was in there fucking his mother lose his erection.

Ten minutes later, when Lex had walked onto the den smoking a cigarette with his shirt only half-way buttoned, Jason wasn't shocked at all. He'd seen this coming for years.

Lex had looked at him and grinned, running a hand down his chest, his eyes sweeping up and down Jason's body suggestively slowly.

"You know, Jase," he'd said, his voice melted chocolate. "If you're gonna get this jealous, why don't you join in next time?"

He wonders if this is something Lex has just figured out or if he's known it all along.

He doesn't care.


The fifth time Jason met Lex he was drunk enough to smile at him and mean it. In the blue swirling lights of Club Zero Lex's face had flashed before him and made him dizzy. He'd pushed off of the wall and landed his hands on Lex's shoulders, grinning and laughing.

"Had a little too much to drink, Jason," Lex had said, smirking as he held him up.

"You fucked my mother," Jason had said, and suddenly everything had come crashing down and he could feel the tears in the back of his throat. "She said she loved me, Lex. She said she loved me, and she keeps leaving me."

"She didn't leave you," Lex had said, pushing him up against the wall, holding him there. "And that's why you're so fucked up. You need to leave her."

"No one will ever love me as much as she loves me," he'd said, his fingers gripping Lex's shirt tight enough to rip it. "She said... she said--"

He hadn't finished the sentence because Lex's tongue had been in his mouth and his leg was rubbing up against his cock.

He'd come in under five minutes and when he'd reached for Lex all he got was a smirk and the sight of Lex's retreating ass.


The sixth time Jason met Lex, he was his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend's best friend.

They both pretended that they'd never met each other before.

It was the first time he'd actually liked Lex.

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