Satin Is For Sleeping

by kHo

written for sv_slashfiction lj comm challenge

Title: Satin is For Sleeping
Rated: R, language
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Notes: Apparently the sv_flashfiction comm brings out my comedic SV muse. I like that. LOL. This is futurefic, there is NO RIFT damnit, and it's 862 words. For the 'falling' challenge.

[ satin is for sleeping ]
by kHo

Lex rolls over and groans, staring up at the ceiling. "Shut. Up."

Clark, who can't possibly be able to breathe with all the laughing he's doing, looms over him. "Oh. That was just. That was just perfect."

Lex's mouth purses into a frown as he glares up at him. "Shut. Your fucking. Mouth."

Clark shuts his mouth but the laughs still manage to come out, squeezing through his mouth in fits and bursts, his whole torso shaking. "That was so... you shoulda been in gymnastics, Lex."

Lex sighs, lacing his fingers over his stomach and gently thumping his head against the carpet beneath him. "Well if you hadn't--"

"Oh, no. No no. You're not blaming this on me, Lex," Clark says, finally able to control his laughter as he swings his legs around and plops down next to Lex on the carpet. "This is something I predicted months ago."

"Predicted," Lex says derisively, his tone condescending. "You're not a soothsayer, Clark. You have many abilities, but predicting the future isn't one of them." At Clark's look he scowls and looks away. "You made a good guess."

"Uhuh," Clark says, hugging his legs to him, propping his chin on his knee as he smirks down at Lex. "Ya know, I don't think its really all that fair of you to be pissed at me for your truly spectacular, albeit unintentional, dismount."

Lex's eyes widen as he looks quickly at Clark. "You flung me off the bed!"

Clark's grin widens. "No, I didn't. You slipped."

Lex snorts and sits up, cringing as his knee protests as he bends it. That's gonna bruise. "I most certainly did not slip. You flung."

"Well you hit that spot," Clark said, blushing slightly even as his grin grew more and more wicked. "That couldn't be helped. But. If you hadn't insisted on--"

"Don't even start," Lex interrupted, clapping his hand over Clark's mouth and glaring at him. "Just. Shut. Up."

Clark waited until Lex was standing and had walked two steps before speaking again. "If you hadn't insisted on--"


"--satin sheets--"

"I like satin sheets!"

"--then you would have had better purchase on the bed, and you wouldn't have slipped." Clark looks up at him, grinning like the Cheshire Cat, and it's really and truly hard for Lex to stay mad at him, but damnit, he's determined to try his best. "I told you cotton would be better suited to our various bedroom activities."

Lex frowned at him. "Better suited to our various bedroom activities? Since when did you start talking like a computer?"

Clark shrugged, standing up and walking closer to Lex. That would have been okay, except he was naked, and Lex was too, so there was the whole `body heat' and `inability to not get hard when Naked!Clark is this close' thing to contend with. Add that to the fact that Lex had been inside Clark when this whole mishap had happened, and you have a very sexually frustrated, embarrassed, Lex Luthor on your hands. Hard, embarrassed, and pissed about it.

"Guess you're rubbing off on me."

Lex glared at him. "I was, until you catapulted me off of the bed!"

Clark rolls his eyes. "You mean, you were, until you slipped on your satin sheets and landed on your hands and knees on the carpet."

Lex's frown deepened as Clark's hand landed on his hip, the heat spreading throughout his body even as he told it he was too pissed to be in the mood. The arousal laughed at him, which pissed him off more, but apparently it was impervious to his hatred. "If you think you can make up for causing the bruises on my knees by touching me you are sorely mistaken, Mr. Kent."

Clark laughed, wrapping his fingers around Lex's hips and pulling him closer. "I'd buy that if I didn't know for a fact that those bruises will be gone by tomorrow night, Mr. I Recover Insanely Fast."

Lex's eyes widen. "You're one to talk, Mr. I Can Catch Bullets In My Hands!"

Clark leans forward and presses his lips to Lex. Lex is quite proud of the fact that he's able to resist the kiss for two full seconds. "You didn't finish fucking me," Clark says quietly as he bends his head to lick at Lex's neck.

"Need I remind you? Catapulted. To. The. Floor."

Clark laughs into his neck and then leans back, quick as a flash divesting the bed of its silver satin sheets. "Let's see if that doesn't help with the whole `friction' thing."

Lex frowns at him. "I like satin, Clark!"

Clark grins, sitting down on the bed and pulling Lex on top of him. "Let's think of it this way, Lex. Satin is for sleeping. Cotton is for fucking."

Lex sighs as Clark's teeth dig into his collarbone, his hands coming to lace in Clark's hair. "Mmm," he says, arching into the bite. "I think I can handle that."

Clark's smile curves into his skin. "Your bruised knees thank you."

Lex's fingers tighten in Clark's hair. "And I'll thank my bruised knees to shut the fuck up."

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