Yet another lie on the boy's tongue.For someone who lies so much, you'd think he'd be better at it.

I <b>am</b> you.

You're a figment of my imagination.

I'm really not.I'm you. The real you.

I am.What did you think?You thought I was created by the meteor?Oh no.No, that's what you hoped.But you know.You know I wasn't.

That's why I'm studying it.

What's there to study?Just accept it.I'm a part of who you are.I'm the part that's going to make you great.

That's just a matter of perspective.

You're a part of everyone.Everyone has an id.

The superego?You've always been so good at denial.I haven't decided if it's your greatest weakness or your greatest attribute.

Ah.Julian.Our baby brother.You say you don't deny the truth Lex, but... how long was it that you denied the truth about our dear baby brother?



But we idolized our mother, didn't we?Refused to see that she too has flaws.


Yes.She was.From our father.Because she knew that sometimes you have to do what it takes.


Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the greater good.She made you stronger.She murdered our baby brother so that you could live--



Or.Perhaps she just passed on her weakness to you.Perhaps that was her legacy.

Wasn't she though?Wasn't she weak, Lex?She could have not let him inside of her.She could have aborted the baby.She could have left our father.She could have swooped both you and he up in her loving arms and carted you away.


Perhaps.He may have.He's always been resourceful, hasn't he?But don't you think she should have extended that courtesy to our brother?The chance to live?


You've lived your life so long trying to earn what she did for you.And you continuously fall short.Do you know why that is?


Because it's not in your nature.You're a Luthor, you are your father's son.You might was well stop denying it.


No.You won't.You'll be so much greater than him.The power he has will be dwarfed by yours.


Yes, Lex.Except your fate.Stop trying to be the son that your mother wanted, you don't have it in you.Stop trying to be the good Samaritan, the man to be trusted.It will get you nowhere.


Plenty of good men make it far in life.


But you're not Jonathon Kent, Lex.It's not where you're strength lies.


You didn't have to, Lex.I'm inside of you, remember?I know your deepest wishes and desires.And you'll never be Jonathon.You'll never be Clark.


I can change my fate, I am in control of my own destiny.

You're living a lie, Lex.This isn't who you are.I am.


At worst, you're merely a part of who I could become.At best, you're my paranoia.

I've done nothing but go after what you've always wanted.Lana.Clark.Power.Control.


I won't force the people I love to bend under my control.

Not even the ones that lie to you?


He has to.He's afraid.He doesn't know he can trust me yet.I haven't proven he can.

He's right though, isn't he?He can't.


What's his secret Lex?Why is he always there?Why is he so indestructible?What's his weakness?What's his strength?


That's not the point, Lex.The point is... if you were someone he could trust, you wouldn't be obsessing over the answers to those questions.


That's one way of putting it.


To what?To exploit him?To use him for your own purposes?


You're so pathetic, Lex.You don't even know what's inside of you, how do you expect to understand what's inside of other people?


That's what I'm for, though.I can help you.I can give you all the things you've always wanted.Together, we can rule the world.


That's all I've ever really wanted.

Oh, Lex.You'll never have that.Don't you know that by now?