The Surrogate

by onelittlesleep

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He found her standing outside the Metropolis Polo House, ridiculously ornate sun hat obscuring her hazel eyes. She was demurring, or at least pretending to, as though he couldn't see the way she swayed towards him minutely as his footsteps announced him. He didn't want coy, wanted this to be what it was, and instead of clearing his voice or saying hello, he caught her by the shoulders and squeezed tight for a moment before sliding his hands down her arms and grasping her elbows. Her breathing stopped for a second as he rubbed his thumbs across the wool tweed of her jacket.

"I want you." He said clearly, as though it was the politest, commonest way to start a conversation. She jerked her head to the side and he caught her profile, the graceful length of her neck, her small chin, her full, scarlet mouth, opening just so, parting to let go of a small, shivery breath.

"I am staying at The Lion, are you familiar?" She said, and he was mildly curious at her low, purring Italian accent.

"Yes." He said, leaning in and pressing his lips and nose to the nape of her neck, then reaching up to remove the hat.

"Wait." She said, pulling away from him. He raised an eyebrow, but she was flushed with pretty arousal, smiled a smug little smile and said "It's pinned," stretching to take out the pins and then carefully removing the hat.

Her hair was pulled back loosely and he thought for a moment that perhaps he was in error. She wasn't a very good match. Her nose was too large, her lips plump but slightly slanted, sarcastic, knowing. He slipped his hands into his slack's pockets and felt his desire wan. But then her green eyes were on him again and he saw it. What had riveted him earlier in the afternoon, what had him following her every movement openly, until she had not been able to ignore him, until her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

Which had only made him want it more.

"Ask for Julia." She said, and then leaned in to kiss his parted mouth chastely.

When she opened the hotel room door, he reached in and caught her by the back of the neck. Her face fell as he forced his way in and dragged her to the bed. It was cruel, and he could tell that she wasn't expecting it, the way she gasped a small, frightened cry. She climbed onto the bed, trying to crawl away from him, but he climbed over her, covering her small body with his own and when he began to open his belt, he could feel her shoulders tighten and relax, as though she finally understood what they were playing at.

"Is this okay?" He asked, voice soft, but it was a tease, his hands clever and fierce, tearing her skirt up over her hips, finding the top of her hose and underwear and wrenching them roughly, pushing them down until they were caught at her bent knees.

"Yessss." She hissed as he grasped her hip and pulled her back on him, his cock hard and spearing through his open zipper, dragging over her naked ass, slipping between her legs.

She cried out, trying to crawl forward again, but he kept one strong hand on her hip, gripping her with digging fingers and his other hand caught her neck again, making her arch against it. He slowly, teasingly drew his bare erection along her wet heat, pushing against it, feeling her shuddery breaths as he prodded her opening.

"Stop!" She moaned. He drew back and then shifted forward again, his hot cockhead catching at her opening before sliding up between her legs. "Ohh...God, Alexander, please stop."

He climbed off of her, leaving her exposed ass trembling, took the condom out of his pocket and ripped it open with his teeth.

"I'm going to take you like this. Do you object?" He breathed, leaning over her and shakily slicking the condom over his cock.

"God...God..." She keened, like that was the answer. And it was, when he teased his gloved erection over her slit and she wriggled her ass up to engulf him.

Her pussy took him, sliding down half of his cock like a snug fist, and he growled low, arching until he was seated against her. She cried, little cat-sounds that were muffled by the pillow she turned her face to. He shifted onto his knees, clasping her hip with his right hand and caught her shoulder with his clawed left.

"Fuck. You're tight. I...goddamn knew you would be..." He grunted, shoving her forward with his hips and then beginning a hard, deep thrust.

She gasped every time he fucked into her. He pulled her back on his cock and she reared up to meet him, whimpering. She brought one of her fisted hands down beneath her and he could feel her small fingers on him, sliding over where his cock was stabbing into her, touching their union and then bringing her wet fingers up to frig herself.

"So pretty..." He cooed, coming off his knees, making her groan as he pressed her into the mattress. Held her down with his hand on her shoulder, watched her struggle to masturbate in this position.

"Take it. I know you've wanted to. God, I can fucking see it on your face." He breathed angrily.

"What?" She gasped.

"You've been begging me for it for months. Those pretty eyes on me...I can feel them on me beneath my clothes, you little shit." He spat out, eyes closing against the heat, hips bucking against her ass.

"I don't...what are you..." She whimpered, taking his fucking, her hand falling limp beneath her.

"Think I wouldn't notice? Think I'd just take your word for it, like I can't see how ready you are for me? How easy it would be to make you do this, make you want it when I push you down against my desk and fuck your ass?"

She moaned, frightened now, cringing as he reached down to grasp her hips with both hands and tilt them up to take his cock deeper, harder.

"Uhhh...Fuck...make me come, you bastard..." He groaned, rutting in once more before his hips stilled.

She closed her eyes against the feeling of his prick surging powerfully inside her. He convulsed hard, his mouth leaving a hot, wet streak against her neck as he gasped "Clark...fuucckk, Clark...".

She swallowed thickly and tried to arch up, murmuring "Alexander?" when his hips finally faltered. He pressed his naked scalp between her jittery shoulder blades and loosened his clawed hands, panting.

"Lex-" She began.

"Don't fucking say anything..." He growled.

He turned around and Lex was standing at the screen door, eyes rounded dark with sleeplessness. Clark shifted awkwardly from one bare foot to the other.

"Uh, no one's here. You want to come in?" He asked, clearing his throat.

Lex nodded and palmed the screen door open, stepping in and surveying the room, looking everywhere but Clark's nervous eyes.

"Clark." Lex began, voice rough like he'd been yelling. "I've thought about what you said..."

Clark lifted his hands defensively. "Hey. Uh. Maybe we should just, you know, let it go?"

Lex's eyes stared hard at the wall over his shoulder, making Clark's body shiver with one quick jolt.

"No. I need to say this to you." Lex said and then paused, pushing his hands into the pockets of his jacket. His mouth looked like a snarl for one, quick moment before it fell away and the lines of his whole body seemed to soften.

"I'm sorry for what I said to you. It was inappropriate, it was..." He looked up and finally met Clark's eyes, his own glistening. "Perverse."

"Lex..." Clark admonished.

"No, Clark. Please...just...listen to me." He said, voice tight.

Clark sat down at the island and nodded dumbly.

"I...You've been very important to me since I met you. I've never had a friend, Clark, that's just been kind to me without wanting something, taking something. You've friend." He stopped like the words were hard to find and scrubbed a hand over his head. "I love you, Clark."

Clark's face bloomed with a bright flush, and he looked away.

"Not...It's natural, isn't it? To love one's friends? I...I didn't realize that, Clark. I've never...had something so simple and innocent in my life. I'm sorry if I got confused."

Clark shrugged one shoulder and looked out the screen door.

"I ruined it by twisting your friendship into something it wasn't...isn't...Something that would make sense to me, be easier to understand. Clark, since my mother father wasn't...the best person to learn from about relationships. I grew up watching his conquests, watching the power play of sex and money and attraction, how it was often guised by friendship...And I learned how to hurt, take, overpower...How to get what I wanted and only give what needed to gain...

"But I didn't learn how to do this. How to...just be this, friends." He tilted his head and fixed Clark with a hard, even look. "We're still friends, Clark, aren't we?"

The boy nodded and met his eyes. "Yes. Yes, of course." He agreed.

"I apologize for...saying what I did." Lex finished.

Clark's eyes narrowed and showed a mix of confusion and hurt and a little distrust. "You...don't still feel that way about me, do you?" He asked and looked down sheepishly.

Lex took the moment where the boy's eyes parted his to snarl his lips before clearing the anger away.

"What I'm saying, Clark, is that I never wanted that from you in the first place. It was all...a mind game...I'm sorry, I...I didn't mean to..." He let his voice crack a little and Clark was up and clasping his shoulders, too wary still to hug him, but squeezing him affectionately, comfortingly.

"I're saying that you didn't...mean that? Touch me? Say those things?" He asked, eyes stubbornly on his.

"God, no, I'm not gay Clark." He gasped, half-laughing at himself.

Clark let him go and his face broke into an embarrassed, self-conscious smile.

"Jesus... Lex, I was...a little freaked, you know? God, I'm sorry. I just, I don't know what I would have done if you were...I mean...I would would have..." He struggled for the words and then waved his palm at Lex. "Nevermind...Jeez."

Lex nodded and smiled wide. Clark turned around, asking with a grateful voice if he'd like a drink, not seeing how fake and spoiled the smile looked on his friends face.

He watched the boy sleep, hours later, snoring into the arm of the couch where he had drifted after several rounds of serious, careful chess games.

Lex stood up and walked to the loft window, watching stars come out. He reached down to shift his erection, glancing back quickly to make sure the boy was still asleep.

He thought about standing over the boy and jacking himself off, jerking come over that slack, lying mouth, over those sweet, girlish eye lashes. Thought about forcing the boy's mouth open and shoving his cock deep into his tight, fluttering throat.

Fucker. He squeezed himself viciously and swallowed back a frustrated groan.


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